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Pictures Say a Thousand Words…

Each individual has his or her own way to cherish the beauty of this world.
Details like the color of the sky, the rolling waves and the blossoming flowers are unique each day;
as is the splendor of changing Sands.
Hence,we invite our guests and celebrity visitors to share their artistic portrayals
of The Sands at different stages in time.

We hope you enjoy these wonderful perspectives.

January 2015

Photographer Name: Mr. Chakhrit Chart-asa (Pak Sabuy)
His Photo Blog:

January 2014 Cabana Korea

Photographer Name: Cabana Korea

April 2013 Suwicharn Plikamin

Photographer Name: Suwicharn Plikamin (Boy Sixth Floor)
His Photo Blog:

March 2013 Panuvat Eurchananon

Photographer Name: Panuvat Eurchananon (Forzanu)
His Photo Blog:

February 2013 Luie Saetang

Photographer Name: Luie Saetang
His Photo Blog: :

February 2013 ชานไม้ชายเขา

Photographer Name: ชานไม้ชายเขา
His Photo Blog: :

February 2013 Surapong Buacharoen

Photographer Name: Surapong Buacharoen(Pookie Fotógrafo)
His Photo Blog: :